Dragons’ Den: Series 13 Episode 2 Recap

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While the second episode of this season’s Dragons’ Den didn’t result in any investments for Sarah Willingham, the Dragon proved that there is a lighthearted side to business too.

Episode two of Dragons’ Den showcased pitches from foodies with a knack for spotting new trends in the industry, a board game business which Sarah had everyone in stitches over, and an entrepreneur with a cement mixer lid who might make for a better mate at the pub than a business partner.

A shared vision, but it wasn’t meant to be

The show kicked off with Chika Russell, a sassy former accountant who brought Nigerian street food inspired snacks into the den. With her entourage of West African dancers and spicy peanut snacks, Chika created quite an impression in the den. Chika was after an investment of £30,000 for 5% equity, and all the Dragons in the den were keen to get on board.

Sarah Willingham got there first with her thoughts: “I actually think there’s a massive market for African food in the UK, and I don’t think it’s been done.” Sarah shared Chika’s vision, right down to cooking at home and experimenting with spices. However, after offers from Dragons across the board Chika accepted an investment from Peter Jones, the Dragon who was part of Levi Roots’ branding success.

Great for a laugh down the pub, but not an investment

Next into the den was Sheffield based entrepreneur, Simon Meadows, with his cement mixer lid which he admitted hadn’t taken off quite as well as he’d hoped. While none of the Dragons were keen to get involved with Simon’s business idea, Sarah Willingham wasn’t afraid to mix business and pleasure.

“I just want to go down the pub,” she said to Simon, “I bet you’re just such a laugh down the pub.” Unfortunately though, Sarah and the other Dragons couldn’t see any profit in getting their hands dirty in this business opportunity and Simon left the den without an investment from any of the dragons.

“Guess the accent?” We have no idea!

One of this episode’s highlights was Graham and Fiona who entered the den with hopes of gaining an investment in their guess the accent board game. While Nick Jenkins impressed the den with his incredible talent for accents, Sarah gave it a good try but had everyone in stitches at her failed attempt.

Understandably, Sarah Willingham decided this one wasn’t an investment for her, saying “there’s no way I could invest in something that I’m so shockingly bad at!” Nonetheless, she wished them the best of luck and they left the den with a surprise investment from Peter Jones.

Watch Sarah Willingham in the next episode of Dragon’s Den, airing this Sunday 26th July at 8pm on BBC2.

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