etween juggling her business investments and being a mum to her four children, Sarah is passionate about giving back through charities that are close to her heart. As part of her work with her website LetsSaveMoney.com, which offers practical and achievable money saving advice, Sarah supports charities that focus on those who need it most.

With 3.5 million children in the UK living in poverty and many families being forced to rely on foodbanks, Sarah feels strongly about supporting these families in her charity work.

Along with her husband Michael, Sarah started the #feed5000 campaign to highlight the issue of poverty on our own doorstep, with the long term of ensuring that no child in the UK should experience Christmas without having a Christmas meal. In partnership with Save the Children and Morrisons 5000 people who needed it the most had Christmas meals delivered to them in the campaign’s first year. The success of the campaign was featured on BBC news which helped highlight the importance of the initiative.



ActionAid is a global charity with a vision to see a world without poverty and injustice in which every person enjoys the right to a life with dignity. It has a mission to work with poor and excluded people, to eradicate poverty and injustice. By working together, it believes that we can end poverty. That’s why it tackles the big issues that keep poor countries poor.


Save The Children

In 2012, Sarah launched the #feed5000 campaign which aimed to provide 5,000 Christmas dinners to children who are living in poverty in the UK. Working alongside Save the Children and supported by Morrisons, Sarah delivered Christmas hampers to homes across the UK. In 2013, she rose to the challenge to double those figures with the #feed10000 campaign.


Sarah believes that all children in the UK deserve a Christmas Day and that’s why she started the #feed5000 campaign. Sarah and her money saving website LetsSaveMoney.com teamed up with charity Save the Children and supermarket chain Morrisons to deliver Christmas dinners to UK families living below the breadline.